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BSE 2015 5(1)

Pasquale Pazienza, Donatello Caruso, Vincenzo Vecchione. Limitations to assess the impact of rural development policy in the Puglia region: The case of measure 121 – Axes I

Abstract. In this work, some specific aspects of the Rural Development Plan of the Puglia Region (in Southern Italy) for the period 2007-2013 are analyzed and the limitations characterizing the possibility of building an analysis framework aimed at understanding how it actually affects the regional agricultural system are highlighted. More specifically, by referring to a specific measure of the rural development program (Measure 121 of Axes I), the aim is to verify whether the investment activity implemented has actually generated some positive results which can induce us to say that the EU budget devoted to rural development is well spent. In order to achieve this purpose, the authors of the present work have worked at gathering all the information available at the Puglia Region Authority. Nevertheless, this is not helpful for the type of the analysis the authors would like to conduct. The observation of the gathered data, in fact, makes the authors observe the existence of severe limitations deriving from the way in which the Regional Authority manages the data collection. The main aim of this work is to present a framework of analysis which might be used for policy evaluation purposes and to discuss what should be further required for a useful completion of the dataset with the aim of making it the subject of empirical analyses.

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Mariia Grygorkiv, Vasyl Grygorkiv, Andrii Verstiak. Modeling of interaction of eco-economic processes

Abstract. Various models of the economic structure of society are presented with an emphasis on its effect on the processes of eco-economic interaction. The models belong to the type of simulated models describing the dynamics of economic structure indicators, prices and pollution. The models can be used for exploring the patterns and consequences of ecological and economic systems and their social orientation.

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Serhii Ziukov. A literature review on models of inventory management under uncertainty

Abstract. Inventories are raw materials, work-in-process goods and completely finished goods that are considered to be the portion of business’s assets that are ready or will be ready for sale. Formulating a suitable inventory model is one of the major concerns for an industry. The earliest scientific inventory management researches date back to the second decade of the past century, but the interest in this scientific area is still great. Again considering the reliability of any process is an important feature in the research activities. Values of some factors are very hard to define or almost unreal. In such cases, fuzzy models of inventory management take an important place. This paper analyzes possible parameters of existing models of inventory control. An attempt is made to provide an up-to-date review of existing literature, concentrating on descriptions of the characteristics and types of inventory control models that have been developed.

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Olena Vinnychuk, Vasyl Grygorkiv, Ruslan Biloskurskii. The dynamic model of optimal economic growth in terms of ecological balance: models construction and results analysis

Abstract. The article is dedicated to the problem of modeling dynamic ecological-economic models in the case of ecological-economic balance. The nonlinear variant of the model of economic growth considering the ecological balance is proposed and investigated. The mathematical theory of optimal control has been selected for the research of economic growth model.

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Rodica Crudu. The influence of fiscal policy on income inequality in European Union’s member states

Abstract. Poor growth performance over the past decades in Europe has increased concerns for rising income discrepancies and social exclusion. European authorities have recently launched the Europe 2020 strategy which aims to improve social inclusion in Europe on top of already existing European regional policies aiming to reduce regional disparities through stimulating growth in areas where incomes are relatively low. While it is most common to confine measures of inequality to national borders, the existence of such union-wide objectives and policies motivates measuring income dispersion among all Europeans in this paper. Fiscal policy is a powerful tool that changes the distribution of income in either direction, up or down. In this context, the present paper reviews the evolution of income inequality in EU member countries and figures out how fiscal policy (direct taxes) has influenced these outcomes. The paper also examines the contributions of both tax and expenditure policies in reducing income inequality in the EU, highlighting fiscal policy’s impact in different EU member countries.

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Vasyl Grygorkiv, Igor Vinnychuk. Legal and shadow economies interaction model: analysis of phase trajectory projection

Abstract. The article is devoted to the development of theoretical, methodological and methodical approaches to modeling of interaction processes of legal and shadow components of the economy. In this paper, the mathematical model of legal and shadow economies interaction, taking into account the economic structure of society, is built.

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Žaneta Karazijienė, Kristina Lapėnaitė-Lapaitė. Theoretical interpretations of efficiency assessment models of public relations performance

Abstract. This article provides the theoretical aspects for the assessment of public relations. First of all, the concept of public relations is formulated by submitting the analysis of the main definitions and highlighting their emphasis, identifying similarities and differences. The article also analyses the models of public relations, the essence of each of them is shortly discussed together with the possibilities for their application. The importance of the public relations processes is identified as well as the public relations performance efficiency assessment models are defined, based on which the companies may assess how the communication is managed with its target audiences. The scientific problem is raised – what theoretical concepts and methodological approaches need to be assessed for the public relations performance efficiency.

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Lanndon Ocampo, Christine Omela Ocampo. A proposed sustainable manufacturing strategy framework

Abstract. Current approaches and initiatives that attempt to address sustainability in manufacturing lack a clear direction on providing informed decisions on key manufacturing decision areas. The challenge lies in embedding sustainability to the usual competitive orientation of manufacturing firms. Thus, this paper proposes a framework in formulating a sustainable manufacturing strategy which is grounded on sustainability without disregarding the internal and external competitive functions of manufacturing. The proposed framework attempts to integrate classical theories on manufacturing strategy and the current demands on sustainable manufacturing in an attempt to formulate a sustainable manufacturing strategy that describes two distinct functions of manufacturing – competitiveness and sustainability. The relevance of the framework lies in its capacity to be quantitatively explored using different tools, such as multi-criteria decision-making methods. Issues and relationships of different components of the framework are presented in this paper. The contribution of this work is on the integration of sustainability and manufacturing strategy into a holistic framework that highlights both the sustainability and the competitive functions of manufacturing.

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