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BSE 2015 5(1)

Pasquale Pazienza, Donatello Caruso, Vincenzo Vecchione. Limitations to assess the impact of rural development policy in the Puglia region: The case of measure 121 – Axes I
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Mariia Grygorkiv, Vasyl Grygorkiv, Andrii Verstiak. Modeling of interaction of eco-economic processes
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Serhii Ziukov. A literature review on models of inventory management under uncertainty
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Olena Vinnychuk, Vasyl Grygorkiv, Ruslan Biloskurskii. The dynamic model of optimal economic growth in terms of ecological balance: models construction and results analysis
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Rodica Crudu. The influence of fiscal policy on income inequality in European Union’s member states
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Vasyl Grygorkiv, Igor Vinnychuk. Legal and shadow economies interaction model: analysis of phase trajectory projection
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Žaneta Karazijienė, Kristina Lapėnaitė-Lapaitė. Theoretical interpretations of efficiency assessment models of public relations performance
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Lanndon Ocampo, Christine Omela Ocampo. A proposed sustainable manufacturing strategy framework
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