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BSE 2014 4(1)

Elizabeta Mitreva, Nako Taskov. Projection and Implementation of Total Quality Management Systems within the Textile Production
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Viginta Ivaškaitė-Tamošiūnė. Redistributional role of value added tax in Lithuania
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Žaneta Karazijienė. The State’s Debt Acceptance Criteria Identification and Evaluation of Their Acceptability in Lithuania
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Alfonsas Laurinavičius, Martynas Vaičiulis. Corporate social responsibility in foreign and Lithuanian capital companies
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Laura Žiogelytė. The Evaluation of Needs and Expectations in Business Enterprises: The Gap between the Actual and Desired Wage
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Simona Potelienė, Zita Tamašauskienė. Human capital conceptualization: development and concept formation
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Inga Jansone, Irina Voronova. Risks Assessment of Trade Services
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Daiva Jurevičienė, Gitana Bapkauskaitė. Integrated Evaluation of Mutual Funds Performance
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