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BSE 2013 3(1)

Francesco Conto’, Anna Paola Antonazzo, Mariantonietta Fiore, Piermichele La Sala. The “ISCI” project and the internationalisation patterns of SMEs in the local agrofood industry: the case of Apulia region
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Alicja Brodzka. Tax incentives in emerging economies
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John L. Mikesell. Federal debt limit in the United States: The perverse impact of an outmo ded control mechanism
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Rima Tamošiūnienė, Nomeda Dobrovolskienė. Effectiveness of investments in real estate in the Baltic States
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Ioannis N. Katsikis. Garyfallos Fragidis, Dimitrios Pashaloudis. International and cross-border entrepreneurship: the case of Greece and Bulgaria
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Jekaterina Kartašova. Factors forming irrational Lithuanian individual investors' behaviour
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Algirdas Miškinis, Giedrė Ulevičiūtė. Analysis of funding sources of political parties in Lithuania
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Gintaras Černius. The goal of corporate financial management – sustainability requirement
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Aldona Damulienė. Migration problem in Lithuania and its impact on the economy
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Margarita Išoraitė. Research of sales promotion in shopping centres
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