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BSE 2012 2(2)

Jerónimo Aznar, Concepción Bartual, Fernando García, Agustín Romero-Civera. Optional models for strengthening the Spanish co-operative banking sector
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Anna Križanová, Ľubica Štefániková. Importance of the brand for consumer purchasing decision in the Sovak Republic
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Rafa Mrówka. Decision-making in the process of implementation of open source projects
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Audrius Linartas, Simona Kavaliauskaitė. The impact of operational risk valuation on insurers’ capital requirements according to the rules of solvency II directive
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Jogaila Mačerinskas, Mangirdas Morkūnas. Prerequisites for the formation of business groups in different countries
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Artūras Balkevičius. Influence of the financial sector on economic development
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Irena Mačerinskienė, Ilona Bartuševičienė. Application features of a company’s intellectual capital model assessment
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Jurgita Sekliuckienė, Neringa Langvinienė. Development of franchisingas a business model in the Lithuanian real estate services market
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Kristina Levišauskaitė, Jekaterina Kartašova. The impact of individual investor’s occupation and investment experience on their decisions to invest
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Margarita Išoraitė. Theoretical aspects of strategic change
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Liucija Birskyte. 1st Internatioanl scientific conference “Problems of Tax policy”
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