Keynote speakers

Prof. Dr. Neil Gordon

Neil Gordon  is Professor of Literary Studies at Eugene Lang College and the New School for Social

Research in New York.  Currently on sabbatical, Dr. Gordon has recently finished a two-year term as

Dean of Eugene Lang College.

Neil Gordom accepted Dean of the University and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the American

University of Paris commencing in Fall 2011.  In addition he is Literary Editor at The Boston

Review, and has previously served in a variety of capacities at The New York Review of Books. He is

the author of three novels (Sacrifice of Isaac; The Gunrunner’s Daughter, and The Company You Keep);

and his articles, literary criticism, and reviews have been published in The New York Times Book

Review, The Nation, The Washington Post, and many  other venues ranging from Bookform and Tricycle

and Salon to Tin House.

Prof. Dr. Farouk Seif

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Farouk Seif studies environmental design (urban architecture) and its

significance in culture and society. Culture, society, dynamics of global world and challenges to

the mainstream research areas in the humanities    are keywords of the IOH conference “Challenges of

the Modern World Dynamics for the Humanities”, the conference is called to lay down the master

research directions for the future of the IOH activities within the social science environment at

Mykolas Romeris University.  In order to have cultural identity in the globalizing world, other

cultures have to be recognized.  Such questions as, how is cultural identity coded and de-coded in

the world where everything is globally produced and interpreted, how can ethnic principles be

implemented while designing one’s living environment and how to revive cultural identity in the

globalizing world, will be analyzed in the lecture. He has published several articles and had

exhibitions in Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor), in the United States (Washington, Texas, Ohio,

etc.) and Sweden.

Prof. Dr. Jean-Louis Vieillard-Baron

 Jean-Louis Vieillard-Baron specializes in the philosophy of Hegel, is a board member of the

Internationale Hegel Association. His work on German idealism focuses on the relationship of

Hegelian philosophy  and the thoughts of  poet-philosophers Novalis and Hölderlin, and the

discussions between Hegel, Fichte and Schelling.

Other areas of research of Jean-Louis Vieillard-Baron are French philosophy (especially Bergson and

Lavelle), and philosophy of religion.

Prof. Dr. Philippe Capelle-Dumont

Philippe Capelle-Dumont is a  doctor of philosophy and  theology, Honorary Dean of the Paris

Catholic Institute of Faculty of Philosophy, a professor at the University of Strasbourg. In recent

years, in France, renewed the relationship between philosophical and theological reflection is

related specifically to his name. Philippe Capelle-Dumont is one of the best professionals in

Heidegger's thought in the world. He is the author of thirty works of  philosophy of religion and

metaphysics. Since 2008, he is the President of  French Catholic Academy.