About the Institue of Humanities

The Institute of Humanities (IOH) was founded in 2010. IT consists of 3 departments: Philosophy, Language Culture  and Foreign Languages. The staff of the IOH is 54 lecturers and professors, 32 of this number have doctoral degrees.

  • The  IOH study programmes focus on the innovation in content and in method of delivery for the procurement of the required competencies.
  • The IOH offers an integrated study programme covering fundamental and applied humanities.
  • The main objectives of the IOH are to train scholars capable of innovation and to implement innovation in practice, to foster cultural and technological development, to disseminate the knowledge of humanities, and to raise moral attitudes and values.
  • The  IOH in cooperation with universities from abroad will establish  joint doctoral studies in the humanities and grant joint doctoral degrees.

Director of the Institute of Humanities        prof. dr. Dalia Marija Stančienė