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Humanities as well as the other culture areas are facing multiple challenges caused by the processes of globalization, rapid development of the technologies of communication and other changes in social life. Traditional hierarchical links and distinctions between different fields of culture are fading. On the one hand, the lines between humanities and social sciences are getting thinner, similarly as between different genres and styles in arts. On the other hand, the cultures of different regions of the world, particularly those of the West and of the East, are drawing closer to each other; this enables emerging various types of intercultural dialogues. All this incites the scholars to seek for a new conceptual means to be applied for the productive interpretation of new realities as well as for rethinking and reinterpreting the assets of the traditional culture. The interdisciplinary approach and multiculturalism are the characteristic features of the contemporary humanities, they raise complicated methodological issues. Digital humanities, interdisciplinary approach, semiotic studies of multimodal representations of information, multimodal communication are all responses of the humanities to the challenges of the modern world and, yet, new challenges to the humanities as well. The conference Challenges of the Modern World Dynamics for the Humanities addresses the following broad tracks: Philosophy and the other humanities; Rhetoric and communication; Language and culture; Culture, literature and arts; Digitalisation of culture and intellectual rights; and other conference relevant areas.

Prof. dr. habil. Bronislavas Juozas Kuzmickas