General Registration Procedures

The enrolment constitutes a two-stage process:

Stage 1: main enrolment. At this stage, the students must make their study plans for the next academic year comprising compulsory and elective academic subjects and enrol for elective academic subjects. The main enrolment of full-time students takes place from 20 April to 1 May; main enrolment of part-time students - during the weeks of introductory lectures.

Stage 2: final enrolment. At this stage, students adjust their selections for that semester and validate the previously developed study plans. The final enrolment of full-time students for the autumn semester takes place from 1 June to 15 June; for the spring semester - from 15 December to 31 December.

Part-time students and associate students go through stage 2 in accordance with study timetables published on websites/intranet of the faculties/school.

The schedules for the autumn and spring semesters of a new academic year are delivered by June 15th and January 16th, respectively. A revised semester schedule is published at least one week before the beginning of the semester. Study graphs are published in June on the faculty/school website.

Before students enrol in elective and optional subjects, they are allowed to hear a live or recorded introductory lecture in those subjects. The recorded lecture is available on the distance study server of the University. The Faculty Dean decides on the form of the introductory lecture.

The enrolment of first year students of full-time studies takes place within 15 calendar days from the beginning of the first semester. The enrolment of first year students of part-time studies for subjects of the autumn semester study takes place during the weeks of introductory lectures.

Students who have failed to enrol for academic subjects may not attend lectures or seminars of those subjects or take part in any other contact work, sit knowledge cumulative checks and examinations, nor are they provided access to academic information resources of such subjects.

Students, who have failed to enrol for a minimum number of subjects per academic year, receive an e-mail notification. The studies of students, who fail to perform the required enrolment procedures within 5 days of such notification, are automatically suspended and they may not be resumed before the next academic year.

The elective and optional subjects included in the study programme are taught when there are at least 15 enrolled students in the first-cycle studies and at least 10 in the second-cycle studies. In the absence of such a number of students, individual studies of those subjects can be offered in the manner prescribed by the Faculty.

The procedure of enrolment for partial studies is the same as with full-time and part-time studies, unless a simplified procedure is applied. Individuals enrolling for partial studies must have entered into a student or associate student agreement with the University.

On enrolment, the academic subject of the course paper can be picked from the list of course paper subjects provided in the study programme.

Adjustments to the study programme content, related to the enrolment on the studies, must be made and approved by the Senate of the University by April 15th, while preliminary plans of pedagogical work in the departments must be approved by the Faculty Deans and submitted to the Academic Affairs Centre by May 31st.

Mykolas Romeris University Studies Procedure

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