Student Affairs Office

Study Office
Academic Affairs Center consults and advises faculty students, associated students on the procedure of studies at the University and on other studies-related questions. Provides information and methodological advice on University scholarships, social scholarships (administrated by State Studies Foundation) and for the State Studies Foundation administrated loans (State loans and State-supported loans).
Consults students on the financial support under the project "Study ensuring access for students with special needs”, trying to encourage students with special needs in higher education.
Provides consultations and information for students of State support for Lithuanian origin and emigration of foreign children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren studies in Lithuania.
Manager of the Study Office provides information to students:
•    About the fund of Mykolas Romeris University auditoriums;
•    About possibilities to reserve auditoriums;
Prepares certificates to former students.

Senior Academic Assistant of Study Office provides assistance to students wishing to obtain recognition of achievements of non-formal and informal learning in the following respect:

  • Provides initial information to students / candidates about the possibility to have their learning outcomes acquired through different learning environments assessed at the University.
  • In collaboration with the University Faculties and other divisions, advises students / candidates on issues of compliance of their learning outcomes acquired through different learning environments to University study programs. 

Recognition of achievements of non-formal and informal learning

Admission and Diplomas Office
Renders support to students and entrants:
With respect to the applicants to study Lithuanian language at the University:
•    Consults entrants on questions of admission to first, second cycle and minor studies by telephone, email and personally;
•    During general student admission coordinates admission to the University together with Lithuanian Association of Higher Education Institutions;
Prepares agreements between the University and associated students.
With respect to the citizens of foreign countries applying to study at the University in English language: 
•    Consults entrants on questions of admission to the University by telephone, email and personally;
•    Consults on questions of legal stay in the Republic of Lithuania;
•    Prepares documents for representations of the Republic of Lithuania abroad, Migration Department, embassies of foreign countries;
•    Provides consultations and information to representations of the Republic of Lithuania abroad, Migration Department and  Migration Board;
•    Helps students declare their places of residence.
With respect to the applicants to study in distance studies:
•    Consults persons interested in questions of admission to the University by telephone, email and personally;
Prepares agreements between the University and associated students.
•    Meetings with schoolchildren who are interested in the University, specialities and study programmes;
•    Visits to secondary education schools and colleges in order to provide information on admission and studies;
•    Admission of students to Mykolas Romeris University.

International Exchange Unit
For Outgoing Students
International Exchange Unit at the Academic Affairs Centre provides information to students about student Exchange possibilities under the International mobility programs, Bilateral and Multi-state agreements, the University's partnership agreements;
While coordinating the outgoing Student mobility process, the International Exchange Unit provides students with the following support:
•    Announce student selections for student exchange mobility programmes for studies, and exchange mobility programmes for international placements;
•    Announce the results of selections and actively communicates with students giving consultation regarding selection process;
•    Send nomination letters to partner universities; if requested by partner university, International Exchange Unit prepares e-nomination forms, also prepares certificates confirming status of the selected Erasmus student;
•    Organize student's pre-departure trainings and informational seminars;
•    Mediate in communications between the coordinators at host institutions and selected students;
•    Provide consultation on applications and other documents requested by foreign universities;
•    Prepare the documents (orders, financial agreements)  in order to legalize student's outgoing process;
•    Provide consultation when students are visiting host universities; mediate and take care of the Learning/ training agreement approval;
•    Provide consultation to students about preparation of progress reports (if applicable) and preparation and presentation of a detailed final report about the activities performed and tasks completed.
Organize events for students in relation to the EU's higher education and mobility programs and projects;
Prepare and distributes publications related to the EU's higher education and mobility programs and projects.

For Incoming Students
While coordinating the incoming Student mobility process, the International Exchange Unit provides International Exchange students with the following support:
•    prepare and provide information about the exchange programmes in Lithuanian and English languages;
•    communicate with the interested persons about the acceptance procedure by e-mails in foreign languages;
•    deal with the Nomination Letters and all acceptance documents;
•    prepare the documents (orders, Acceptance Letters, Confirmations of Accommodations, etc.) in order to legalize student's incoming process;
•    provide centralized information from the faculties; about the study groups, statistics, sends news and useful information from the different administrative units and faculties;
•    prepare the documents for visas, Temporary Residence Permits, help to submit documents, mediate in Migration Department;
•    organize the accommodation in the Students House, help to find a private accommodation;
•    communicate with the responsible Coordinators in the partner Universities if the student needs help;
•    organize Introductory Week, trips, social and cultural events;
•    improve the quality of studies and social life together with the Faculties;
•    share the experience about the mobility process with partner Institutions.

Electronic Studies Unit
As studies are partly moved to the virtual environment, it contains tasks for intermediate exams and students load their works, bachelor‘s or master’s thesis. In the virtual learning environment these works are assessed not only by instructors but also by the anti-plagiarism system. Works must be loaded properly for the system to test them. To ensure this, the virtual learning environment contains “Work loading guide” and also individual consultations are provided constantly.
Also, the virtual study environment contains recorded introductions to the optional study modules. The virtual study environment contains tips how to reach these introductions.

The library implements its activity taking into account the needs of the contemporary user and respectively initiates and provides traditional and online services.
Library services to students include services of registration, subscription and reading rooms, search, subscription, issue, return of publications and extension of their usage deadlines, interlibrary and international interlibrary subscription, information on fulfilled book ordering, time of return and etc.
Constantly expand supply of online services. A self-service book issue system is operating in the library, as well as system informing of the occupancy of computer work stations; data bases are accessible for remote users, covers and contents of the new books are provided in the catalogue of the library. Having connected to the online library catalogue, students can themselves extend book usage deadlines, reserve publications issued by the subscription fund. Having completed order forms placed on the web site, students can propose to the library to acquire a publication, order a consultation or another service.
A supply of consultations provided „here and now“ is being developed. Consultations on questions relevant to students are provided by telephone, communication is carried out using Skype programme and via social networks.

•    Organise study process at the faculty / institute: organise lectures and examinations schedules, consult students on study questions: on repetition of course subjects, academic holidays, suspension of studies, distribution to groups, transfer to the higher course, questions of rotation, and other questions;
•    Administrate conclusion of agreements between the students and the faculty;
•    Submit report cards and statistical information on the outcomes of the faculty studies;
•    Submit proposals regarding provision of Senate scholarships and other scholarships to students;
•    Is involved in the administration of the provision of the State Study Foundation loans and social scholarships to students;
•    Organise final examinations/defence of theses by the faculty / institute students.


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