Sunny day, perfect mood, curiosity about Vilnius and desire for new adventures – the main reasons why on the 2nd of October MRU Erasmus students participated in City Quiz game organized by ESN MRU Vilnius and University’s Directorate for International Relations and Studies.

For a wonder, Erasmus students were really active and wanted to have as much entertainment as they can, despite the fact that most of tasks were quite difficult but at the same moment unforgettable. Students were divided into three different groups to know each other better and to show how good they are at the coordination of the capital. Every group had their own name: Smurfs Team, Simpsons Team and Mickey Mouse Team. Everybody had to find six the most important and visitable places in the heart of Vilnius, the Old Town: Castle street, Gediminas castle, Cathedral square, Green bridge, the Parliament and House of President.

Finding the places was the easiest part of the tasks: Erasmus students had not only to discover these objects, but also to be inventive, ingenious, creative, courage and to crowd together as a team. For instance, they had to take photos with different appearance people who just passed by, to collect 2 litas in the Castle street by playing with special equipment, singing, dancing, acting or even hugging people around, to answer various questions related to our country. For our surprise, everybody could feel rising spirit of the team, they tried to do the best performing tasks and to reach victory. Finally, a team which finished the first, which was most ingenious and also the leader of the team were awarded with special presents from University.

Here are some opinions of Erasmus students about the event:

"It was great! For an Erasmus student who is used to see the city just at night, I finally got the opportunity to see it in the day ligh. Good experience and good challenges!!" Alejandro

"Funny experience to see more from Vilnius and to meet other people." Jana

"What do I think about city quiz? It was BRI-LL-ANT! I loved it. Thanks to all mentors with their balloons and funny challenges - or shall I say "survival kit" challenges; thanks to what we learned to ask people for money and other things. No really, we meet on our way very nice Lithuanian citizens to take part into our game! One even offered us a pics shooting session!
It was a big opportunity to exercise ourselves running in the streets. My godness, I still can feel aches in my legs, but there was so much FUN!
Finally, a big thank you for the cakes, much appreciated for their taste, but also for the fact that you didn't haze us throwing it into our faces.
Like ever ACIU ir ACIU ir ACIU LABAI!!!!! ESN MRU definitely ROCK ('n quiz)" Svetlana









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