In today's international and culturally diverse world, cross cultural differences can be shared in many original ways. One of the most unique ways is sharing culinary traditions. On the 9th of September, International Exchange Unit and ESN MRU Vilnius organised “International Dinner” in Mykolas Romeris University’s canteen. Both at an individual and organisational level understanding the national culinary values, traditions and etiquette of different cultures can positively influence your worldliness.

This event introduces countries with each other by showing differences and similarities between them. It is the first acquaintance of international cuisine which is a nice start to explore the world through your stomach. During the “International Dinner” Erasmus students prepares culinary masterpieces together with friends from the same country. Lithuania as a host country gladdened guests with wide national dishes like “cepelinai” (Zeppelin), “kugelis” (Potatoes cake), ham, cheese, “skruzdėlynas” (Ant cake). The evening is usually accompanied by different activities: country dancing and folklore artists. Folk Dancing Group “Skalsa” performed outstanding dance and invited everyone to join the dance floor.

“International Dinner” is very positive event. It generates many smiles, laughs and a lot of excitement. It creates and consolidates first attitudes towards national traditions. The event offers you the best ways to familiarize with similarities and discover cultural diversities. It brings the wonderful flavours of food and culture from all the countries across the world to one place. Those are the reasons why “International Dinner” has become an annual tradition in Mykolas Romeris University and is being supported in our academic community. (M. Juška, student - mentor)




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