Academic year 2009-2010



Last Friday, on 23rd of April, Mykolas Romeris University had great and colorful event – Olympic Erasmus Got Talent. During this show Erasmus students had opportunity to show how great they are in singing, dancing, acting or being good as photographers, video-makers.

Tomasz Lewandowski as always was amazing – he was not only a jury, but also a performer, who presented 3 songs. Nicky Muaganga showed how clever he is – instead of showing his talent, Nicky asked a Lithuanian friend Donatas to participate and Donatas was great – he performed as a singer and was valued very well by the jury. Although, later Nicky showed his own talent as a good sportsman! Our Erasmus dancer – Stefania – Michaela Ene. Her performance was full of great harmony of music and movements. Student fr om USA Andrew Kysak showed his talent as video maker, which was funny and pleasant. Our three Erasmus machos – Alejandro Bonet Templeton, Rodovan Sochas and Mihai Bica transformed into Lithuanian girl pop group and gave us extremely funny performance. Their “man” was Daniel Bautista, whose role was a gangster or “girls” owner. All guys wh ere amazing and very very funny. Students from Slovakia – very melodious people – perfect sound of violin, which was made by Michaela Jakubcova, and rich voice of Viliam Struharik gave us a great opportunity to hear a story, which was told by song, about love. Maxime Rouxe – a beginner singer from France. His performance was soft and sweet, fascinated all girls in the audience. Romanian girl Roxana Luca gave to all of us a great present – slide show of the best pictures from Erasmus studying time, which reflects main attributes of being an Erasmus student. Also Roxana didn`t want any valuation from the jury, because she just wanted to give a nice and warm gift for her Erasmus friends. Krešimir Radič amazed all of us by his talent – video of pictures, which he made by himself during last 4 years. His talent is absolutely amazing and the video caught everyone`s breath. Last but not least was a performance of several students who named them self as Funny Olympic – they showed a sport dance and also a video about being a sportsman.

All participants were valuated by unbiased jury. Jury member were – MRU Erasmus students coordinator Ieva Tondrykaitė, ESN MRU coordinator of Human Resources Justina Kozlovska, the President of ESN Lithuania Milda Aleknonytė, the member of ESN VGTU – Marta and one of the most active Erasmus student – Tomas Lewandowski.
Erasmus students together with their mentors had a great show, which showed how great and beautiful we are!

DreamTeam: keeps you connected!

Alisa Grebinskytė


On the 21st of April Erasmus students had a trip to the open air museum in Rumšiškės. It was great opportunity to see how Lithuanians lived in the past. The guide told about different areas of Lithuania: Aukštaitija, Suvalkija, Žemaitija, Dzūkija and Mažoji Lietuva. The distances between theese objects they crossed by bus, because open air museum extends about 6 km.
The most interesting thing during this trip was candle making. First of all, one woman introduced the process and then Erasmus students tried to do it by themselfs. They put a hot natural wax on a wick and after some time it became a candle. At the end, one candle was gaved to all group and others they cuold buy like a memory.
During trip to Rumšiškės Erasmus students got knowledge about Lithuanians‘ history, traditions and living places in the past. A half of a day they were very closed with our ancient culture.

Milvydė Žičkutė


On the 19th March about 25 Mykolas Romeris university‘s Erasmus students participated in the trip to the Lithuania‘s Parliament called Seimas. During this trip foreign students had the chance to see the main national legislative institution fr om the inside.
After beeing closely checked-up and disarmed by the guard at the entrance to the Parliament all students were warmly welcomed by the guide. The group was taken straight away to the press-conference room for a short discourse on the general issues on Lithuania‘s constitutional composition, the relations between institutions of different branches of political power. This provoked some questions from the students which were gladly answered by the guide.
Afterwards students were taken to see the Seimas‘ building itself: the notable Kovo 11th session hall, the new and modern session hall, the Constitution conference chamber, the room in which negatiations for Lithuania‘s membership took place, not mentioning the huge amount of portraits with foreign countries political leaders.
At the end, students had the chance to feel like true members of the Parliament and take some photos while beeing in their place. Here are some moments of this trip.

My visit to Lithuanian "Seimas" on Friday 19 March 2010 give me more information about Lithuanian system of government and after the excursion "I can prove to the whole world that Lietuva is truly practising parliamentary system of government" wh ere the Prime minister is the head of government of multi-party system.

Fayemiwo Omotayo

Though maybe not in the most imposing or impressive building when seen from the outside, the Lithuanian Parliament or the Seimas, uncovers itself to the visitor step by step. Starting with the entrance in the modern building, filled with some early 21st century architecture influences, the Seimas has at least 2 stories that one has to explore by himself within the walls of its buildings - these are the before and after stories. Otherwise said, before the Independence and after it, and it;s not ashamed with neither, quite the contrary, with it;s 3 buildings projecting both the new trends in Lithuanian building construction and the old period, especially some impressively well preserved conference rooms, filled with pictures that do not let you forget for one second the hardships that freedom fighting has brought to this country. Filled with life, just like the people it;s meant to represent, the Seimas is not just a building for official meetings and decision making - it is a place for gatherings and important cultural events also, and this is just one part of its charm.

Mihai Bica

First of all, it was very interesting to see the workplace of your MP, as I previously had knowledge regarding the MP in Romania. Of course, it is difficult to compare them, as the Romanian population is higher than the Lithuanian, our Parliament House being one of the biggest buildings in the world. Noticeable was also the Russian influence which was extremely visible in the 2nd building, but I find it normal, considering your national history.
I enjoyed the fact that you familiarised us with the MP's schedule - having meetings on Tuesday and Thursday and getting to know their working environment.

Stefania-Mihaela Ene


On March 7th, Erasmus students, ready to explore capital of Lithuania, gathered to show how much they already learned about Vilnius and to play City Quiz.
There were four great teams, which had to find Seimas, Cathedral, Opera and Ballet theatre and maybe for some of them new places, like Europa square or hill of Tauras. Finding these places wasn’t the only mission- in all of these points they had to complete various tasks. But all teams improved that they already know a lot about Vilnius, and even Kaziukas fair, which was on the same day, didn’t stop them and they had managed to do it on time.
But we didn’t forget that it was a competition. Fastest and the most creative teams and two the most active students were awarded.
City Quiz was organized by MRU ESN and University's Directorate for International Relations and Studies.

Erasmus student mentor, Justina Kozlovska


February 12th the academic community of Mykolas Romeris University had an exclusive apportunity to experience the diversity of cultures in a very original way - Erasmus students form over than 18 countries introduced their national dishes at the Interantional dinner which was held at the canteen of MRU. The evening was opened by the greetings of Erasmus institutional coordinator and festive annunciation of the Mentor of the Month.

This cheerful initiation of the evening was continued and even more exhilarated by the MRU folk dance group “Skalsa”. They not only showed how inspiring and high-spirited traditional Lithuanian dances are but also invited our foreign guests to try some steps as well.

Right after this kind of interactive meeting with Lithuanian folk culture, the main part of the dinner was started: participants shortly represented the main features of their national cuisine and invited to taste it. This part of the evening could reasonably be called as a culinary adventure through the whole Europe! The guests of the International dinner had an unique chance to taste sushi, French toast, Slovak cabbage soup, Czech bramboraky and Slovenian sardine sandwiches at the same place. All the generous goodies were washed down with a glass of Slovenian wine and Spanish sangria saying toasts of gratitude. International dinner organized by International Relation and Studies Directorate and by mentors was one more enchanting proof of cross-cultural communication in Mykolas Romeris University. There are about 100 foreign students who have come to study at MRU this year fr om over 20 different countries.

Geda Gurdvainyte


During the last week of January 2010 there was an Orientation Week organized for newcomers Erasmus students who are going to study at Mykolas Romeris University the whole spring semester. Before their studies started, students had an opportunity to get to know the University, Vilnius, Lithuanian traditions and to blend into Lithuanian student life.

The first Erasmus students meeting was held on 25th January. Students together with mentors spent the evening in the informal environment, got acquainted with each other, and exchanged their first impressions about Lithuania.

Next day everyone gathered at Mykolas Romeris University for the first official meeting. The meeting began with an impressive video about Lithuania. After that Deputy Director of Directorate for International Relations and Studies Audra Dargytė Burokienė welcomed new Erasmus students and presented Mykolas Romeris University. Students were also welcomed by Olga Nesterovič fr om Student representative body. One of the most interesting speeches was made by “old” Erasmus student fr om Spain Alejandro Bonet Templeton who is studying at Mykolas Romeris University since autumn semester. He said a lot of warm words about Lithuania, the University, mentors and student life. Alejandro also assured newcomers that their decision to pick Lithuania as Erasmus country was right and no one would regret because studies and life in Lithuania are very interesting and useful. The meeting was continued by presentation by Law Faculty Vice-Dean Dalia Vasarienė who presented the Civil Law of Lithuania. Lijana Štarienė talked about Eurpean Convention of Human Rights. Birutė Pitrėnaitė presented quality of management and audit. Lecturer fr om Portugal Paulo Pareira spoke about European Law and Evelina Egminaitė presented aspects of environmental protection. Coordinator of mentor programme Jurgita Bataitytė introduced University mentor programme. In the end of the meeting Coordinator of Academic Exchange Programmes Ieva Tondrykaitė introduced to Erasmus students the main rules of studies and answered questions of newcomers. After the meeting students were taken to a small excursion around the University.

On 27th January students together with their mentors had a trip around the freezing Vilnius. Together with a perfect guide they visited Vilnius Cathedral and St. Peter and Paul‘s Church, got an eyeful of unique St. Anne Church. Students also visited one of the viewpoints in Vilnius, fr om which they could see all the beauty of Vilnius panorama with unique Vilnius Old town. They visited Gediminas avenue, Vokiečių street and ended up in Užupis RePublic. All frozen, but happy and grateful to the Directorate for International Relations and Studies for the organized trip, students came back and finished their nice tour by having a delicious lunch at the University canteen.
On 28th January Erasmus students and their mentors had an opportunity to visit former Lithuanian capital Trakai. The

day was windy and snowy, but despite bad weather conditions everybody had a good time. The sightseeing trip started in Trakai castle, wh ere guide told about interesting points of Lithuanian history. Students had a chance not just to hear magnificent stories, but also to see antique objects and to feel the spirit of ancient times. After a sightseeing trip everybody went to a restaurant, wh ere they could relax and eat traditional Karaite dish kibinai and soup. In the evening students were already in Vilnius - satisfied and full of impression.

Orientation week was crowned by the trip to Druskininkai. During this trip Erasmus students had a chance to see a beautiful spa town, got a chance to know more and more about their colleagues form other countries and to make friends with mentors. In the evening all newcomers had to present their countries. Lithuania was not exception – mentors made a very informative and warm presentation about our country. Afterwards we learned interesting facts about Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Austria, Romania, Croatia, Check Republic, Poland, South Korea. Old Erasmus students from Germany and Turkey also made a nice presentation about their countries. Presentations were finished by games and songs which were made by Erasmus students who are studying since autumn. Next day everyone had a chance to relax in Druskininkai aqua park. In the evening a full bus of tiered but happy Erasmus students and mentors returned back home to Vilnius.

Orientation Week full of trips and meetings was very nice, informative, and useful both to Erasmus students and their mentors.

Alisa Grebinskyte



Two trips are awaiting Erasmus students. The first trip was dedicated to get better acquainted with Lithuanian ancient lifestyle, customs and traditions. December 4th Erasmus students traveled to Rumšiškes to the Open Air Museum. December 11th Erasmus students will commemorate the Day of Deportation by visiting a Soviet bunker. This event is organized to remember victims of Stalin and Nazi politics.



On 13 November Mykolas Romeris University hall was full of good emotions, laugh and cheers. “Erasmus Got Talent” drew huge crowds of Erasmus students, mentors and University community members.

The event started in late autumn afternoon with world-wide superstars Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga parody made by mentors. They warmly welcomed Erasmus students to begin “Erasmus Got Talent”. Who could believe that our University hosts so many talented, creative, brave and lively students!

The audience was fascinated with various songs, underwater movie with sharks in the background, photo-film from Palanga resort, sounds of guitar and piano, improvisations, dances and a film “Erasmus effect”. The public awarded participants with loud applauses and even stood up in admiration. “Erasmus Got Talent” ended with mentors line dance and everybody who wanted to join them.

It was definitely the warmest and most colourful event this year. We are proud of such talented Erasmus students at Mykolas Romeris University and hope to make this event a lovely tradition.

Vid Doria:
“Our mentors surprised us once again with this interesting and funny event, wh ere Erasmus people showed what they are capable of. Event was really well prepared and the audience was great – full hall of Lithuanian students who were interested in our talents. They made things easier for us with cheering and good mood. Once again I have to thank amazing mentors’ team and creative Erasmus students for their talents.”

Seong Chan Bae:
“I really appreciated this event. It was good chance to see friends’ talents. Also, it was good to cooperate and tune up in the process of preparing together. I think “Erasmus Got Talent” will be more popular and popular so I guess there will be even more people afterwards. I wish this event would continue to be organized each semester. Thank you again!”

Erasmus mentor, Ieva Bartkutė


On 27 September MRU Erasmus students were invited to one of the most exciting traditional Erasmus events, City Quiz game. Mentors and Erasmus students met in the heart of Vilnius and started the day full of entertaining, sometimes hard, but really unforgettable moments.

Erasmus students was divided into six groups to show how good they know the city after staying almost one month in it. They had to find six main objects in the old town of Vilnius, The Angel of Uzupis, Green bridge, Castle street, hill of Three Crosses, etc. To find the place was not the only task. In all of these points Erasmus students had to show their creativity, courage and ability to work together and with other people. For example, they had to count stones in an unusual way on the Hill of Three Crosses, to gather 5 Lt from people in Castle street by dancing, singing, painting, selling something or doing anything else, to communicate without words at a distance of the Green bridge, etc. Erasmus students were very creative and fast in finding objects and performing tasks, but the most important is that all the tasks were done with smiles in their faces. At the end of the quiz the fastest, most creative teams and inspirational leaders were awarded with gifts.

The event was organized by Erasmus mentors and University's Directorate for International Relations and Studies.

Here is what Erasmus students' said after the event.
"The principle of the City Quiz is really great, some kind of really great competition with amazing and funny assignments. The main problem for all of us was physical condition because you had to run a lot if you wanted to be quick and win at the end! :) <...> I have to say that I enjoyed everything in the quiz and most of all the assignments, of course. They were really original. I think I will not forget this day for the rest of my life.
At last I have to thank a great group of mentors and my amazing team!" said Vid Doria

"Actually this was a group game. And I had a chance to get to know my group friends better. And mentors team! You were amazing guys, really! Thank you so much for this great quiz!!!" told Burak Keskin

"Actually, it was my second City Quiz so I was a bit worried that it will be a bit boring for me. Yeah, but it wasn't! :)," shared Kyoung-hee Kim

Milda Kasputytė, Erasmus Student Mentor


Foreign students September 11th presented their national culinary dishes at a special cultural evening held at Mykolas Romeris University's central dining hall. Students cooked up and dished out tasty dishes to all those in attendance. Mykolas Romeris University's Folk Dancing troupe was on hand and performed traditional Lithuanian folk dances. The event was organized by the University's Directorate for International Relations and Studies and mentors.


The new generation of Mykolas Romeris Erasmus students has started its new life in Vilnius, the European Capital of Culture 2009.

Everyone was happy to take part in the Introductory Week. On the first day of the Introductory Week, students got to know each other. All of them were welcomed by Olga Nesterovic from Mykolas Romeris Students’ Representative Body and Jurgita Bataityte, representative of Erasmus mentors. Foreign students were introduced to campus life and study process.

Next day Erasmus students had a great excursion around Vilnius. Everyone was excited about Vilnius old town and took lots of photos.

Then a trip to Trakai followed. Students could taste traditional food of Karaim’s – kibinai and see astonishing view of Trakai castle in the Galve Lake.

The Week ended by a trip to Druskininkai. There students presented their countries and of course had fun in a party. Next day some of the students enjoyed Druskininkai Water Park, others went to the adventure park to check their strength in climbing to the trees.

Though students came back tired after the weekend, everyone was in a good mood and full of good memories.

Mentors Kristina Gudaitytė and Deimantė Galvanauskaitė

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