How to make changes in the Learning agreement for studies?

laaa The first two weeks of the semester you have the chance to take part in the classes and see if you meet the basic requirements and if it answers your expectations.

Keep in mind that you have to communicate every change in your learning agreement with your home university!

  •     Week 1 and 2 of the semester: you tried the first lessons? You checked the course requirements? You have approval from your home university? Ok! Now, you can proceed.
  •     Register for the visit from 5th of September. Changes to the Learning Agreement is possible to make only between September, 15 and 18-20.
  •     Fill out the learning agreement (LA) 'during the mobility' (uploaded): based on the LA 'before mobility' you have to specify the subjects you want to delete and the subjects you want to add. 
    • Do not forget to indicate on the top of LA in the right corner your name, surname and academic year (2017/2018).
    • Also, please add your MRU faculty's/institute's responsible name.
  •     Fill out the document ON COMPUTER, no handwritten documents please! Don't forget to mention your name and sign the document yourself!