7th Erasmus+ Staff Exchange Week

sew Representatives of MRU partner Institutions from Erasmus+ program and KA107 international credit mobility participants from 20 different countries were heartily welcomed in Mykolas Romeris University LAB on Monday morning. On the first day our colleagues had an opportunity to discover main facts about Lithuanian educational system and particularly MRU as well as present their home Universities.

During the Exchange Week the participants got acquainted to MRU facilities (MRU LAB, Library, Research & Innovation Support Centre, etc.), learned the main information on International Office staff experience and their best practices and had a meeting with representatives of MRU Faculties. Every member of Staff Exchange Week was encouraged to sharing his/her own experience in order to discuss the main obstacles for student exchange programs.

The exceptional cooperation was without doubt gained by participating in cultural part provided for our colleagues. Beginning from the guided tour in Vilnius old-town MRU partners started their adventure with Lithuanian culture. The participants were also invited to the trip to Trakai, attended main celebrations on the Statehood Day and enjoyed the admirable views of Lithuanian nature in Anyksčiai region.

Another activity organized by MRU staff was International Lunch, where we had a chance to learn more about the culture and habits of our foreign partners, understand better their approach to life and educational process in order to strengthen the cooperation process.

by Janina Andruszkiewicz (trainee of MRU IO)