International Students

2017-07-27 00:00:02

Italian Student Elisabetta Loves Green, Clean Vilnius & Friendly MRU

imgp5721 Full of energy, ever-smiling Italian student Elisabetta Notaro is undertaking a 3-month Erasmus+ internship at the International Office of Mykolas Romeris University (MRU). She marvels at how green Vilnius truly is, how clean the city is - with little or not trash littering the sidewalks and streets.

Notaro, who studies Business Administration at Italy's Sapienza University of Rome, is surprised by how "friendly" the employees at MRU are.

"Before coming here, I didn't believe that it's a friendly environment to work," she said.

"I came here because I don't speak English very well and because I prefer to do an internship in an academic environment," she said. It's the University - it's MRU and much better to work here than in a private place, explained the Italian student.

"Lithuania is very beautiful," she said. I love nature. We don't have much nature like this," she says marvelling how green Lithuania is and the many parks in Vilnius. "In Italy, we have monuments, historic churches," she said.

Notaro has  managed to learn some Lithuanian and it helps her to get around Vilnius and Lithuania. I try to learn new words, Notaro said, but devotes more time to the study of English.

Able to make a wickedly-good tiramisu with a great shot of espresso, she said she misses good coffee in Vilnius. "I have the machine to make coffee at home. The espresso is not good here," she said.

"I miss Italian coffee because it's very good," she said. When in Italy, she said she drinks only Guglielmo coffee from Catanzaro, from which she hails.

Even in Vilnius, one of the first things that she does after waking up is have a cup of espresso. "I need the coffee," she said.

Overall Notaro, beaming with a twinkle in her eyes, said she is happy in Vilnius. "I met a lot of different people here. I can walk around the centre. Vilnius is very green. Now I want to buy a bicycle," she said.

When not interning at MRU, she spends weekends with friends traveling and exploring not only Lithuania, but also neighbouring Latvia.

Her 3-month internship ends at the end of September. Until then, she plans to travel more and get away on weekends.