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Public Policy and Administration. 2017. Volume 16. No. 1

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Jolita Sinkienė, Eglė Gaulė, Jurgita Bruneckienė, Kęstutis Zaleckis, Thomas A. Bryer, Evaldas Ramanauskas. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Study of Vital Urban Communities

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Vaida Jankauskaitė. Europeanisation of Lithuanian Interest Groups and Its Determinants

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Aurimas Zaremba. Party Patronage in Lithuanian Public Sector

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Giedrius Žvaliauskas. Elite Change of the Social Democratic Party of Lithuania 2001–2015

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Ieva Aurylaitė. The Empowerment of Local Government to Involve the Citizens into Political Decision-Making Process to Use the Social Network "Facebook"

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Lunyachek Vadim Eduardovich. The Post-Soviet Syndrome of Ukrainian Education: Administrative Issues

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Karolina Skorupskaitė, Algis Junevičius. Waste Management Policy Development in Lithuania Applying Circular Economy Model

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Ilmara Noreikienė, Gintaras Žilinskas. Participation of Non-government Organizations of People with Disability in Public Governance: Experiences of Klaipėda City Municipality

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Jurgita Vorevičienė, Eglė Butkevičienė. Partnership of Non-governmental Organizations and Local Government Agencies in the Implementation of Family Policy: A Case of Kaunas City Municipality

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Arvydas Survila, Vainius Smalskys. Incident Management Structure Modernization for Disaster Response Phase Management

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