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Public Policy and Administration. 2017. Volume 16. No. 3

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Svajūnė Ungurytė-Ragauskienė, Mantas Bileišis. Career Development in the Uniformed Services of Lithuania: Wide Open Innovation Possibilities vs. Innert Hierarchical Culture

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Mariusz Kubiak, Robert Gawłowski. Local Security Management in Terms of a Country’s Internal Security with Poland as an Example

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Eglė Vaidelytė, Evelina Sodaitytė. Job Satisfaction in the Civil Service Department of Lithuania: Anal

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Gabrielė Čepeliauskaitė, Rūta Petrauskienė. Factors Determining Trust in Civil Service in Lithuania

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Saulius Pivoras, Natalja Gončiarova. Professional Discretion of Civil Servants in Serving the Customers of Public Employment Intermediation Agency: The Case of Lithuanian Labour Exchange

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Algis Junevičius, Edvinas Albrektas. Analysis of Opportunities for Tourism Development Policy in Lithuania

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Sonata Vyšniauskienė, Rūta Brazienė. Evaluation of Family Friendly Policy in Lithuania

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Dalia Vidickienė. Economic Regulation Directions Regarding the Essential Shift in the Structure of Economy

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Solveiga Inokaitytė-Šmagarienė. Lithuanian Political Parties’ Attitudes toward European Integration: an analysis of 2016 Parties’ Manifestos

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Laura Janavičiūtė, Audronė Telešienė, Jurgita Barynienė. Migration of Highly Qualified Workers and Policies to Ensure Labour Market Sustainability in the European Union in 2013-2014

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