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Public Policy and Administration. 2017. Volume 16. No. 4

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Mał Zakrzewska, Manfred Ahn, Jorge Biglieri, Jelena Zascerinska, Norbert Gruenwald. The role of social participation in the concept of good governance - a theoretical approach

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Rafał Nagaj, Brigita Žuromskaitė. Ex post regulation as method of the public policy in the regulated sectors

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Andrzej Anszperger. The Role of Public Administration in Tourism Development in the Case of the Torun County

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Joanna Wyrwa, Anetta Barska, Janina Jędrzejczak-Gas. Integrated territorial investments as a tool of building the capability of functional areas – illustrated with an example of Poland

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Nina Szczygieł, Mafalda Almeida. Housing policies for the elderly: why should we care?

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Mimo Draskovic, Milica Delibasic, Veselin Draskovic, Mladen Ivic, Drago Pupavac. Public sector management as a development problem in the countries of Southeast Europe

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Małgorzata Gawrycka. Deregulation of the labour markets in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe — selected issues

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Barbara Kryk. Realization of the social goals of the Europe 2020 strategy in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc

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Danuta Miłaszewicz, Grażyna Węgrzyn. Quality of Government at Regional Level - Example of Lithuanian and Polish NUTS 2 Regions

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Piotr Szkudlarek. State in the assessment of students in Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia in the light of research on social capital

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Katarzyna Warzecha, Anna Skórska. The phenomenon of social exclusion in European Union Countries in relation to Europe 2020 Strategy

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Andrzej Wójcik, Jarosław Wąsowicz. Greenhouse gas emissions as regards the sectors in the European Union countries

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