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Intellectual Economics, 2014, Nr. 8(2)

Kishore Joshi, Kinjal Ahir.Reflections on changing landscape of private higher education space in Indian higher education

Abstract. Higher education is now widely accepted as a foremost instrument for fostering economic growth. The Indian higher education system is the largest in the world in terms of the number of institutions and the second largest in enrollments. About 29.6 million students are currently enrolled in higher education institutions in India. There are around 712 universities and 36,671 colleges in India. This mammoth network of higher education institutions includes a large private sector that has emerged explicitly and outsized during last two decades. The overall share of the unaided private higher education institutions has reached 63.9 percent, and the share of student enrollments in these institutions has reached 58.9 percent. The authors make an attempt to present an overview of Indian higher education and within the same frame tries to delineate and identify the advent and growth of private higher education.

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Vasyl Grygorkiv, Olena Vinnychuk. Dynamics and optimal control investments in the economic growth model with condition of ecological balance

Abstract. Economic growth is seen as an integral part and one of the most important characteristics of economic development. The problems of considering the ecological balance in the economic growth model and allocating of the total investment in primary and secondary production are analyzed. On its basis, it is possible to analyze and forecast the optimal programs of economic development using policy instruments such as investment and consumption in the context of sustainable development in the eco-economic system.

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Rimvydas Jasinavičius, Vidmantas Ganiprauskas. Purchasing power and value of the average wage in the Baltic States

Abstract. Before the financial crisis, the Baltic States had the highest growth rate of the Gross domestic product (hereinafter – GDP) in the European Union. Also, these States were called “the Baltic tigers”. During the crisis, the decline of GDP was the highest in the Baltic States. After the crisis, economic indicators of Estonia economy had the highest growth rates in the European Union. Such progress and life quality in Estonia surprises the other two neighboring Baltic States – Latvia and Lithuania. However, GDP of Lithuania exceeds the GDP indicator of Estonia almost twice in absolute value (Eurostat). Since October 1, 2014, the minimum monthly wage in Lithuania increased by 3.5 percent. Based on information provided by the European Union Statistics (hereinafter – Eurostat), from 2004, the average wage in the Baltic States on average increased by 8.2, 10.3, and 7.7 percent per annum. It should be emphasized that the growth rate of the average wage in monetary expression significantly fell behind the actual decline rate of the wage purchasing power. During the period of 2004-2013, the purchasing power and value of the average wage in the Baltic States has decreased in respectively assessing by the standard coefficient of inflation and the “Gold Standard”.

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Katsiaryna Navitskaya. Analysis of regional investment position using fuzzy clusters

Abstract. The paper presents the result of investment position’s evaluation of Grodno counties in 2008-2013. The concept includes the estimation of the lower level of the regional economy (17 regions and the main city Grodno). Using of fuzzy clusters lets to receive gradual transition of counties. At first we received fuzzy clusters and membership functions for regions with similar socio-economic development. Then we analyzed investment positions and value of investments of counties. In the end, we estimated the impact of investments in socio-economic development and drew some conclusions. The methodology can be used for regional investment position evaluation by investors or governance.

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Aurimas Rudžionis, Antonio Mihi-Ramírez, María del Mar Holgado-Molina. An analysis of commercial relations between Lithuania and Spain after the European Union´s integration

Abstract. The commercial relations between European Union and Lithuania has been intensified significantly due to the integration process. This article analyzes the commercial impact of trade barriers removal in Lithuania for its commercial partners, especially in the case of Spain and its European competitors. A comparative analysis of the evolution and singularities of the Spanish´s import/export flows to Lithuania from 2000 to 2013 revealed that the international trade between both countries became more active, growing and diverse because of different comparative advantages. Even if the rest of European countries keep a bigger share market, there is no foreseeable risk of trade diversion to the detriment of Spanish products.

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Svilen Kolev, Roumiana Atanassova. Simplification of the rural development programme: effectiveness of the management decision in the field of common agricultural policy

Abstract. The present report is intended to analyse and propose methods for the improvement of the process of management decision-making in the field of agriculture in Bulgaria. It will increase the effectiveness and speed up simplification on the basis of analysis of existing gaps and opportunities in the management of funding available under the Rural Development Programme (RDP).It will also significantly reduce bureaucracy. It is important to note that avoiding frequent changes of rules for the implementation of the RDP is an essential condition for smooth operation of the programme.
Impact Assessment is used at the EU level, and it is well known as an assessment tool of the potential economic, social and environmental consequences. This assessment tool was used before new initiatives of the European Commission were proposed, however rarely implemented at Member States level.
The goal of the article is to justify the analyses need of the effects for the RDP measures implementation, using the Balanced Scorecard, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It would allow simplification of the procedures and will increase the effectiveness of the RDP funding.
The simplification and the analyse of the effects of the RDP measures funding are a new element of analysis. This analysis has to include the impact, as well as the costs for and benefits of the implementation of each measure.
Economic effectiveness and simplification in the implementation of the different measures of the program are considered. The aim is to achieve optimal management solutions that will generate higher added value.

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Olavi Uusitalo. Understanding the inter-linkage of innovations – the finnish flat glass and value added industries

Abstract. Technological innovation plays an important role in the process of long-run growth. There are many studies on the country and aggregate level innovativeness, patents, etc. This paper, on the contrary, focuses on two individual innovations, float glass and safety glass manufacturing technology, introduced in the late 1950s and the inter-linkage of these innovations in Finland. The flat glass and safety glass industries were both international and very tightly interlinked. We illustrated the evolution of the flat glass industry and its value-added industries. The government policy towards foreign companies is tracked, as well. The study period is from 1960 to 1985.

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Ramūnas Vanagas, Janina Stankevič. Impact of coordination for organization process

Abstract. The article analyzed the organization of work: work organization and its constituent elements studied in theoretical aspect. It is also presented organization, the division of labor, organizational structures, hierarchy, the concept of coordination and their values in organization activity. The discussed measures, in organizations of public and private sector, should help organize the staff work. Purified the importance of the coordination in the organization of work and discussed the principal regulations, elements and features of the practical application. With the development of technology and science, work organization problems remain continuously relevant because the organization of tools and methods should change and improve parallel. Summarizing the theoretical data, at the end of the article the authors compare them with the results of an empirical study performed in Vilnius district municipality in 2013 and presents the conclusions.

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Anatolii Vdovichen. The polemic on investigation the economical essence of the category "disproportion" in the context of economic globalization

Abstract. The paper grounds the necessity of considering the category "disproportionality" depending on the object and subject of study that enable two options for economic impacts state in an economic globalization - positive and negative, despite the terms laid down in negative terms of Philology.

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Andrii Verstiak, Oksana Verstiak, Olena Pityk. Economic convergence and the Global Crisis of 2008-2012: the case of Baltic countries and Ukraine

Abstract. The sustainable economic welfare of the new EU Member States is reflected in the convergence process. The paper is dedicated to the investigation of the convergence between Ukraine, Baltic countries and other EC countries within the various indices of the social-economic development. The system of economic growth models is analyzed: the convergence is theoretically grounded on the basis of Solow model, and thus the methods of empiric control of convergence concept are determined. The empiric analysis of convergence processes between above mentioned countries showed that the most spreading method of convergence presence in the rate of economic growth is the reduction of the inequality in the GDP per capita level among the countries groups.

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Daiva Jurevičienė. Sales process management of insurance services

Abstract. Sales process management of insurance services

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