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Intellectual Economics, 2014, Nr. 8(2)

Kishore Joshi, Kinjal Ahir.Reflections on changing landscape of private higher education space in Indian higher education
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Vasyl Grygorkiv, Olena Vinnychuk. Dynamics and optimal control investments in the economic growth model with condition of ecological balance
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Rimvydas Jasinavičius, Vidmantas Ganiprauskas. Purchasing power and value of the average wage in the Baltic States
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Katsiaryna Navitskaya. Analysis of regional investment position using fuzzy clusters
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Aurimas Rudžionis, Antonio Mihi-Ramírez, María del Mar Holgado-Molina. An analysis of commercial relations between Lithuania and Spain after the European Union´s integration
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Svilen Kolev, Roumiana Atanassova. Simplification of the rural development programme: effectiveness of the management decision in the field of common agricultural policy
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Olavi Uusitalo. Understanding the inter-linkage of innovations – the finnish flat glass and value added industries
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Ramūnas Vanagas, Janina Stankevič. Impact of coordination for organization process
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Anatolii Vdovichen. The polemic on investigation the economical essence of the category "disproportion" in the context of economic globalization
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Andrii Verstiak, Oksana Verstiak, Olena Pityk. Economic convergence and the Global Crisis of 2008-2012: the case of Baltic countries and Ukraine
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Daiva Jurevičienė. Sales process management of insurance services
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