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Tatjana BILEVIČIENĖ, Eglė BILEVIČIŪTĖ „Influence of active social policy on small and medium business“
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Jan BUDÍK, Radek DOSKOČIL „Soft computing as a tool to optimize an investment portfolio“
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Gediminas ČERNIAUSKAS, algis DOBRAVOLSKAS „Emerging of market economy in lithuania (1990-2010)“
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Miglė Eleonora ČERNIKOVAITĖ, Mindaugas LAUŽIKAS „The model of social innovations in the emerging market of Lithuania“
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Aura DRAKŠAITĖ „Assessment of the sustainability of government debt in a stochastic economy“
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Valters KAŽE, Roberts ŠKAPARS, Gatis BOLINSKIS „Consumer social values behind the grey economy“
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Giedrė LAPINSKIENĖ „The analysis of the relationship between the sustainable development and competitiveness in the European countries“
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Laura UTURYTĖ – VRUBLIAUSKIENĖ, Mantas LINKEVIČIUS „Innovative marketing decisions drive in business activities – a perspective direction of research“
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Diana BAGDONIENĖ, Asta DAUNORIENĖ, Aušra SIMANAVIČIENĖ „Integration of sustainable development principles into the balanced scorecard „
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Rafał MRÓWKA, Mikołaj PINDELSKI „Dispersion of leadership in global organizations applying new types of organizational structures“
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Antanas BURAČAS, Fellow, The World Innovation Foundation „The World Innovation Foundation. Reasons for the Open Research Establishment: A Global Perspective“
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Gediminas MAČYS „International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship“
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Erika Vaiginiene „Partnership Fostering Country Competitiveness“.
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